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Dating is definitely not the same for the Christian teen as it is for his/her peers. Knowing the Lord helps you with everything in your life, from reading to dating. My advice is to focus on what the Lord is doing in your life and compare that data with any person who wants to date you. I don't advise dating "unknowns; I do recommend dating those in your youth groups and churches. The reason for this is apparent: "do not be unequally yoked." After all, the purpose of dating is to find a mate for life; why date anyone who doesn't fall into that category? If all you want is someone to hang out with, try a group of friends who have the same ideals as you.

Now once you have decided to "date," do so in groups. My daughter never had a date until she was in college. She simply had Christian friends she hung out with and they were always together; they loved each other, but not as boy/girl friends. When prom night came, there was always one or two guys wanting to take her...not as a love object, but as a friend who would have a great time at the dance. They were a great group of friends and they still write and see each other and they are in their 40's.

Some other hints about dating:

1. If you do go out alone with your "date," do not be alone in a car or a room where you would be tempted. The "dark" is temptation. Jesus is "light;"don't do anything in the "dark" that you
wouldn't do in the "light."
2. No matter how good you think it feels, never undress any part of your body for your date.
3. Never lie down together. You aren't ready.
4. Too much kissing is dangerous. One or two at "goodnight" is sufficient.
5. Remember that the Holy Spirit is with you; ask him for strength to resist. Ask and you shall receive."
6. Practice abstinence until you marry. You will never regret it.
7. You are very special to God; you are a child of the King; don't forget that. God would not want anything less than perfect for you. You have been called for a reason, and your partner should be right there with you.

All in all, remember who you are, think about your future, give your life and your desires to the Lord and your life as a teen will pass quickly. Save your body to be cherished by the mate God has for you. You can do this because God is on your side and the Holy Spirit walks with you daily. Sex is for love and marriage; you don't need to be pushing a baby carriage until you finish school and marry. Today, you not only have pregnancy to worry about but also deadly sexually transmitted diseases. Why risk your life for one night with someone who may not love you or want even want you as a wife/husband? Guard yourself. God Bless and keep you.

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