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By Andrea Lavinthal
In a hot, arid climate (including areas with a high altitude), the dry air sucks up all the moisture from your skin, leaving it scaly, itchy, and dull, says Los Angeles derm Ava Shamban. "The top layer of your skin can curl up like fish scales and flake off, making you even more vulnerable to the weather," she adds. What's worse: Dehydrated skin draws attention to the fine lines you already have, and chronic dryness can actually speed up the aging process.
Take Action

Your goal is to repair the top layer of your skin so it's an effective barrier against further water loss, says Dr. Shamban. Start by using a gentle foaming cleanser, like L'Oréal Paris Skin Genesis Deep Purifying Foaming Cream Cleanser , $7.99. During the day, apply a collagen-building protective serum, like Murad Environmental Shield Active Radiance Serum , $89, followed by a moisturizing sunscreen. At night, go with a ceramide-rich lotion (your skin's lipid layers are about 40 percent ceramides). We like Aveeno Advanced Care Moisturizing Cream , $9.99 . It's also healthy to up your water intake, says Darrell S. Rigel, MD, clinical professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center. "As a general rule, drink an additional 8-ounce glass in the morning and before bed."
One of the first makeup tips you should observe is the importance of finding the the right foundation. It could be the difference between looking as if you have naturally flawless skin or as if you are wearing a mask.
To create your own smudge-resistant lipstick.
blot your lips with one sheet of twoply tissue. Re-apply lipstick and blot again. This will absorb the oils in the product and leave the pigment and matte waxes.

Glow Without Blushing.
When you just want to add warmth to the skin instead of a standard blush color like rose, peach or plum, use a light to medium bronzing powder in place of blush.

Don't Hide Under Baggy Clothes its summer
The biggest fashion mistake that plus-sized teens make is hiding themselves under layers of oversized, baggy clothing. The intention is to conceal their extra pounds by covering themselves up. Unfortunately, wearing baggy clothes only makes you look bigger, and it hides the shape and figure that you do have.. Get clothes in your size, or one size larger if you like a slightly loose fit - but no more than one size above your actual size. Don't be ashamed of your body - every body is beautiful.
Accentuate the Positive
Being a teenager is all about being fashion forward. Develop a personal style, and always accentuate your favorite attributes.
Be Colorful
You've probably heard that black is slimming, and while this can be true, but why would you want to look like you are going to a funeral every day of you life? Come out of mourning, and add some splashes of vibrant color to your life. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better. Bright colors can actually lift your spirits. While it is advisable to avoid stripes if you're trying to look more slender, you shouldn't shy away from patterns.
Mastering the art of makeup has never been so easy.
NEW! Revlon Beyond Natural™ Cream Lipgloss
Medium coverage color with a soft shine. Designed to match any complexion for naturally lush lips. Delicious butterscotch scent complements the gloss and sweetens the senses.
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Each portable mini-compact gives you a sheer blush that goes on to stay true, stay natural-looking for hours. It's the way to glow!
Cheekers blush
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Dream Matte Mousse Makeup
Why You'll Love It
Revolutionary whipped formula provides an air-soft, perfect matte finish coverage, with a weightless feel.

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Silky smooth formula with skin conditioning and skin brightening ingredients provides a radiantly beautiful finish. Use alone to help even out skin tone.
Advanced Radiance Makeup

This collection of great shades is hand-picked by our make-up pros and designed to make your eye look go from day to night. They blend effortlessly to bring your eyes out beautifully, without overshadowing.
Eye Enhancers 4 Kit Shadow
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