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Founder & CEO

Hello guys and girls once again,

ck Teenz is taking a step toward a new light in a positive direction. We have decided that we should be more involved with our followers and take the time to really appreciate them. Thick Teenz will soon be posting video blogs about our day to day lives and answering questions or comments you have to share with us. We would really love some great feedback so we can know where to go for our next events and things we should include in them. We want Thick Teenz.com to be the place where teens go to approve upon them selves. We want Thick Teenz to be the place that teens want to come day in and day out. We want Thick Teenz to be the place where teens of all shapes, sizes, and nationalities come to be themselves and have a good time. We cannot do this with out you. We want to help make this world healthier and happier. So right now what I ask of you, is to invite all your friends to the “Thick Lounge” and start discussions or a group. We thank every one for your support. 

Just remember let YOUR voice be heard!

Bryia (Samoune)
-CEO & Editor

Very Important Message  From CEO
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I must say I was heartbroken when the season of Grey’s Anatomy ended, but now I am devastated. A few days ago I just heard the news that T.R. Knight who plays George O’Malley’ is leaving the show. So right now my guess is that he died while serving in the military. I’m guessing that because in the season finale he went off into the military so that’s like the most obvious conclusion to story plot.

Click here to view the complete story

Well, as I wait desperately for the new season to come on I have a new favorite doctor show/past time, the name is Hawthorne. Hawthorne is a lot different from Grey’s Anatomy because Christina Hawthorne is a nurse who is kind of like a low key, wanna be Dr. Bailey.  I do like the show Hawthorne especially because Christina Hawthorne is Jada Pinkett- Smith. Yes, I said it Jada Pinkett- Smith! Christina is a single parent, widow, and the chief nursing officer. She never gets respect from the doctors of the hospital although she risks her job everyday trying to give patients the best care and is always right when it relates to the patients prognosis( Well so far at least).

Watch the trailer ->

I must be truthful and say I really do like this show. But it’s just not the same as Grey’s Anatomy. Hawthorn is just missing all the Mc. Dreamy’s , Mc Steamy’s  and just all that doctor/intern/patient drama that I love. Hawthorne does not have that special spark that other doctor shows have like House, for another example. The missing spark might account for the season just beginning. But hey
, I still will be watching it for the rest of the season to see if the spark will ever pop up.

-Bryia (Samoune)

Please send me a message with your feedback on your feelings about the shows or article and I will post your opinions. Send message via Thick Lounge, Twitter, or Email!
Grey's Anatomy VS. Hawthorne
ThickTeenz.com's ! Goal is to Raise $10,000 so that we may continue to impact  healthy change for Youth & Teens.

New Soul- Yael Naim
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